About Me. Sort of.

I started this blog last summer as a place to record my experiences in teaching. There are so many great blogs I follow, and I admire the teaching, writing, and processes of documentation that I see out there.

All our teaching journeys are unique, and in that way, the same. I am in my third year of teaching high school juniors with secondary credentials in both ELA and Math. All three years, my main class has been one that focuses on Public Health; as an English instructor, I use public health topics to teach students academic reading and writing skills. I’ve taught additional ELA courses, including AP English language, but this year was my first formal foray into mathematics, with one section of Geometry. I love Geometry, and am planning to move more toward Math instruction in the next few years.

I’m still not sure exactly what I want this blog to be — hence, the dormancy — but my hope is to continue to explore this craft and find my place within the field.